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What is Outsourcing?
There are a number of definitions, but essentially outsourcing is the passing of service provision or production to another internal or external party.
Outsourcing is one of the most effective tools for taking business to a new level of success. Outsourcing is a natural fit with today's business structures. Most successful companies define and build on their core competencies. For other specialized capabilities, they utilize external organizations that are experts in those areas. As a result, the company realizes a cost and/or time savings.

What are the benefits of outsourcing?
The benefits of outsourcing are wide and varied, and tend to be specific to individual situations. However, generally, the following are usaully amongst them:
• The ability to concentrate on the businesses own core functions
• Delivery of lower costs due to economies of scale
• The potential freeing of resources for other purposes and tasts
• Higher quality service delivery due to the focus of the supplier
• Less dependency upon internal resources
• Increased flexibility to meet changing business and commercial conditions
• Tighter control of budget
• Likelihood of lower ongoing investment required in internal infrastructure
• Potential acquisition of innovative ideas
• Potential improvement of credibility due to association with superior providers
• Potential new market access through the supplier’s network
• Potential cash influx resulting from transfer of assets to the new provider
• Possible lower ongoing internal infrastructure investment required

Who do I contact when I have a question?
Contact SoftBASE to find out how we have incorporated all pros for outsourcing your software company needs, and how we address the cons to satisfy you requirements.